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“Green Roofs: Financial Benefits of Going Green”

by Alexander Babikian, Project Manager for O.G.I.’s Green City Project 

An idea with roots in Europe, green roofing, is beginning to grow in the USA.  This idea challenges the common notion that the forest ends where the city begins, and that the roof on top of each building can provide nothing other than protection from the elements.  Green (vegetated) roofs will bring enormous economic and environmental benefits to the pioneering buildings and cities who decide to take advantage of the acres upon acres of unused land right above their heads.  The roofs come in “intensive” and “extensive” forms, extensive being very low or no-maintenance grassy vegetation, and intensive being potentially higher-maintenance and supporting of larger vegetation, including even trees.  The two green roof options can differ visually and in initial set-up and maintenance costs, but will both provide the following economical and…

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