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“Venezuela and the Crisis of Chavez’ Passing”
by Manfred Schweitzer, published by O.G.I

With Chavez’ death on March 5, the constitution calls for elections to be held within 30 days, by April 4 at the latest. Elections may or may not be held by that date, as constitutional requirements in Venezuela are somewhat flexible – a good indicator will be if Deosdado Cabello, the head of the National Assembly, becomes interim President, as the Constitution requires, or if Executive Vice-President Nicholas Maduro, retains power while running for President as Chavez’ designated successor. The prospects for elections depends on the regime’s calculus – on the one hand the sympathy for Chavez will be at its strongest over the near term, on the other hand, the regime, never secure to begin with, has never been more uneasy and paranoid than at present. Much also depends on the dynamic between two main…

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