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Equality Now!

An organization fighting for basic human rights, education, and equality for women and girls around the world; and fighting against their mutilation, subjugation, and exploitation…

Population Connection

An organization dedicated to promoting sustainability and population stabilization for our children’s future…

Girls Educational and Mentoring Services

An organization that empowers young women and fights their exploitation in the US…

Wildlife Conservation Network

An organization that promotes the conservation of our incredible variety of wildlife and ecosystems around the world…

Parents Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

An organization for the friends and families of the LGBT community that are committed to equal rights…

National Center for Science Education 

An organization working to ensure that science is taught in the science classroom and that key elements are not left out based on religious legislation…


“If your reason for avoiding evil is a fear of a god’s wrath or your reason for being good is to please him to earn some reward than neither of those are noble reasons at all.”

To further elaborate:
Even if you believe in a god, it seems to me a very shallow set of morals if you cannot see any reason to avoid hurting others or doing good without that god’s express command…
Perhaps one should consider how one would act without religious guidance or belief in order to measure their level of ethics, and I think most would find that much of what they hold to be good or worth doing is, to some degree, innate in their character.
There are as many natural explanations for ethical behavior as supernatural. And I perceive that it is better to have or develop some standard of ethical behavior that you would adhere to without supernatural beliefs, should the time come that your belief system no longer holds any relevance to you…

I haven’t slept much today as I have been thoroughly absorbed in some research. It’s late nights like this that seem to bring out my motivation. The creative juices flow and the sense of urgency and purpose within me grows. If only I could share the passion I feel, the desire to do some good in the world.

There is so much to be done and I am honest with myself; the effects of what I or we do now may not accumulate for many decades. But we must start NOW. There is so much work to be done and so little time within each of our lives to influence the future of our fellow beings and the world at large.

Take action. Stand up for something. Find honor in what you do. Fight for and inspire those who aren’t ready to fight for themselves.
Fight the men that exploit and abuse women and girls. Stand up for science education. Take action every day to preserve the natural wonders of our world. Make it matter…


Science-Based Life

The voice of the anti-vaccination movement is growing louder by the day; therefore we have to do our part in presenting the scientific evidence which clearly shows that vaccines are safe, effective, prevent terrible childhood diseases, do not cause autism, and are not given to children too fast or in too large of an amount.

Here are a number of resources that are helping people out (with a number of my own additions) in the autism-vaccine discussion. Better yet, if you have any resources that you have found helpful in the vaccines and autism debate (or any other debate about vaccines), make sure to share them in the comments below so we can develop a resource for everyone to use.

[I will keep an eye on the suggestions and update the page accordingly.]

Informational Resources on Vaccines, Autism, and Safety

Vaccines for Measles, Mumps and Rubella in Children

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A great summary of the myths being perpetuated about the “dangers” of childhood vaccination

Science-Based Life

Thanks to the great work of our skeptical sympathizers in Australia, we have another science-based refutation of anti-vaccinationist claims by Dr. Rachael Dunlop. You can find the full story here, but allow me to summarize some excerpts of each myth and response below. Keep in mind that these are only summaries, and much more information on this “immunization cheat sheet” can be found at the source.

The Myths Surrounding Vaccination

Myth 1: Vaccines cause autism.

“The theory that vaccines cause autism was first suggested by Andrew Wakefield in 1998. Since then, Wakefield’s paper has been discredited and withdrawn from The Lancet and Wakefield has lost his medical licence for showing ‘callous disregard’ for children’s welfare.

Since 1998 there have been countless large and comprehensive studies looking for a link between vaccines and autism, but the evidence keeps coming up negative.”

[Many more studies showing that there is no link…

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Welcome to The Thinking Activist!

I am just a guy, with a handful of passions. There are a few things that I believe are fundamental issues to our nature, our civility and our humanity. Our progress and survival as a species and our development as a civilization hinges on the positive changes we make now; we must learn to look ahead, to consider the impact we have both within our lifetime and for centuries to come.

In this blog we can explore a variety of concerns and consider the best solutions – it is worth nothing to discuss an issue without also considering realistic AND compassionate solutions. It is my intent to share information and be an advocate for positive progress and I welcome any new information that might change our view on any subject.

I believe in being principled but I do not believe in absolutes. No one can lay claim to an ultimate truth but we can always improve ourselves, the lives of others and the world around us.